Mission and Values
Our Mission: Our Mission at AltCoin is to provide our holders real world usage with a virtual reality utility by continuously improving our services so that they continue to serve our existing holders and attract new holders. We have also setup a reflection tax, so that just for being a holder in AltCoin, you will receive a portion of every single purchase of AltCoin. It is with that mission that we will create enough value within our ecosystem, that we can donate 10% of the available funds to installing trash removal systems in harbors all around the world.
Our Vision: The Metaverse (or as we like to call it the $altyverse) will be the social norm within a few years, and we intend to capitalize on the opportunity to deliver a high quality VR/AR pirate game where you can build a crew, create ships, build cities and ports, and sail the open seas with your crew battling others over loot and treasure!
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